The base staked into place, nicely leveled and square

The PVC hoops are up! The arches consist of 4- 10’ lengths of 1.5” PVC electrical conduit glued together. Each arched is secured by driving 2’ lengths of 2” PVC in to the ground inside of the base boards. Once the arches were up we drilled a hole through the base board and both pipes and fastened them securely using carraige bolts.

Hoops up and post base blocks layed out and leveled.

Testing the truss design for proper fit.

Truss’s in place.

Another shot showing inside space.

Framing the end walls.

Nice angle showing the end walls framed out, all bracing in place, perlins installed, hoops secured. Just awaiting paint, plywood and plastic!

Plywood sides walls in place, just need the temps to cooperate so the paint can be laid down.

A good portion of the painting is done! Just the face of the hoops left to paint, this is done to protect the plastic greenhouse film from degradation due to off gassing from the PVC. :)