It’s hard to believe it has been over a month since the last update! Between the holiday season and all the progress made time has gone fast.

The two layers of plastic are now inflated using a small squirrel cage blower.

I set up the blower to pull air from outside via a HEPA filter. The filter will keep unwanted pests, moisture, and debris from finding their way inbetween the plastic. Pulling air from outside will ensure the greenhouse is not under negative pressure allowing in drafts of outside air. This is most important during the winter months.

Here is a picture of the inflated plastic from the inside. Note the rippled archs pushing inward between the pvc pipes.

The double barrel wood stove was built from two 50gal drums and stove kit. It turned out really nice and wastes little heat.

When the bottom barrel is at 400f the chimney pipe is at 100f.

Air to the stove is feed by a pipe threaded into the bottom. The pipe is connected to a larger pvc pipe with a boxed in axial fan in one section. The fan draws air from outside so that the stove will not create a draft from any leaks in the greenhouse.

I had to make a “broom” to sweep snow off the greenhouse film. It started as a foam snow brush for cars. :)